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Founded in 1992, MRU is the only company consultancy in Europe specialising exclusively in courier, express, parcel and postal services.

MRU's consultancy services not only encompass the supply and demand sides of the CEP market and suppliers; we also cater for large-scale shippers and CEP service providers to tackle all major concerns of the market, such as market entry, product design, organisation and IT. Apart from our consultancy services, MRU's market observation and research facilities are also available - ranging from the production of market surveys and competitive analysis to the search for new acquisitions.

Market Research

MRU offers customers a wide range of top-grade market research raleting to the European express and postal markets. In addition to traditional field research, customers have a choice of a broad...


The MRU has published numerous trend-setting studies such as 'Private Postal Operators in Europe' and 'The 'TOP 101 of the European Express and Parcel Market' and '...

What's the next project?

MRU's know-how and expertise can be tapped by a wide range of clients in a variety of ways when it comes to implementing a new project.

We cater for shipping agents, CEP services,...