Custom-tailored field research

You have to ask the right questions to get the right results. We support our customers by designing, conducting, and analysing primary surveys. Based on the results, we can make custom-tailored practical recommendations.

Reliable data

Our team has been involved in the CEP market and associated industries for many years. Over this time, we have compiled an extensive data base. This data is at your disposal. 

Besides project-related data bases that have been compiled since 1992, our data bases also comprise market statistics and trends. Apart from that, we’ve been collating statistics based on secondary data for years and collaborate on data collection and exchange with partner companies and initiatives. One of the key features of these data bases are e-commerce volumes in 20 different commodities by German region. Not only that: we can monitor and analyse e-commerce transactions not just in Germany, but in 19 countries across the globe by recording orders on eBay.

What’s more, we can call on the extensive archives of  CEP News . This news service keeps customers up to date on the latest news and technological developments in the worldwide postal, express and logistics markets, with an emphasis on Germany and Europe - and has been doing so since 1995. 

Research solutions for your specific needs

Corporate data is increasingly becoming the primary resource for innovative business models. In view of this development, we have been supporting our customers by developing and implementing research solutions best suited to their needs. This way, we make sure our customers are getting exactly the data they need and provide them with the necessary methods to update the data at a later stage. Whether you need specific KPIs or customer feedback, our custom-tailored tools enable you to make the best strategic use of your in-house data.

Selected market research projects

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