Ultra-fast delivery services keep up the pace

Article in the "Logistics Special" of the Lebensmittelzeitung (15.10.2021 - German only)


Publication by Logix: "Logistics on the Last Mile - Real-World Laboratories"

The current publication focuses on the future of city centres and the proactive role that city logistics and city logistics real estate can play in shaping sustainable city centres and neighbourhoods. The authors Michael Kuchenbecker, LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH, Horst Manner-Romberg, MRU GmbH, and Janine Zimmermann, Drees & Sommer SE, take a holistic look at the challenges facing cities and municipalities in creating a functioning supply and disposal structure.


Goods often travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres until they reach their destination. But it is precisely the "last mile" that has it all. Why is that so? And what last-mile concepts are cities, neighbourhood operators and other stakeholders working on? Horst Manner-Romberg (MRU) and Janine Zimmermann (Drees + Sommer) provide answers in a current episode of the Blue Waves podcast (German onl).